short poem uploaded on site.project’s in.oscillation series:

“in.oscillation is a collaborative online library of rhythms of resistance, expansion, meditation and solidarity. As an exploration into economies of care, collective strategies and to lightly lift spirits in uncertain, times sound and text works are added daily from our open submission.

Contribute by submitting work of your own or a link to existing sound or text through our google form.

The poetic lyricism of Imran Perretta’s ‘the destructors’ presents as a pessimistic statement of intent within the nostalgic familiar


Review on Imran Perretta’s current show at Chisenhale up on AQNB

Zarf Issue #13: Review of ‘Threads’, and one poem

Written up a review of ‘Threads’ by Bhanu Kapil, Sandeep Parmar and Nisha Ramayya for Zarf Issue 13. I also have a poem published in this issue – all for £2.